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Sarah Anne Wilson

Sarah Anne Wilson is a passionate portrait photographer best known for her ability to connect with her subjects.

Her studio is located in Cary, North Carolina, where she specializes in professional headshots and personal branding.

Sarah sets herself apart from other photographers by providing a comfortable session for each and every client. Most people think photography sessions are stressful events and she is out to change that mindset. She does this by creating a relaxing atmosphere in her studio with detailed preparation, music, clear directions, and humor throughout the experience. 

She attended the International Center of Photography in Manhattan where she studied the seven elements of a photograph and how to master the art of printing in the darkroom. 

Following her studies, she opened her own business in Cary, NC where she has been a dedicated Nikon photographer for many years. Recently, she made the switch to the Sony mirrorless camera. “The Sony provides sharpness and color like I’ve never seen before!”

She enjoys donating her time to Portraits for Patriots, an organization that provides headshots for people transitioning out of the military and into civilian life. 

As she continues to grow her business in Cary, she one day hopes to travel to Paris and stay for a period of time to photograph the city!

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