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30 Professional Headshot Examples for 2024

A professional headshot is now a vital component of your personal brand, especially as we enter 2024. The trends in professional headshots are evolving, reflecting broader changes in the workplace and technology. This post aims to showcase a variety of headshot examples for both men and women, highlighting the latest trends and styles that are defining professional imagery this year.


Table of Contents:

  1. What is a professional headshot?
  2. What kind of headshots are popular in 2024?
  3. Professional Headshot Examples for Men
  4. Professional Headshot Examples for Women
  5. Headshots for Different Career Stages
  6. How can I make sure to get the perfect professional headshots?
  7. Where should I use my professional headshot?
  8. Conclusion
  9. Where can I get my professional headshots taken?


What is a professional headshot?

A professional headshot is a close-up photo focusing mainly on the face, conveying your professionalism and character. Unlike casual snapshots, professional headshots are carefully composed with attention to lighting, background, and pose. 

Over the years, we’ve seen a shift from stiff, formal headshots to more relaxed and authentic styles. These headshots vary significantly across professions – a creative artist might opt for a more unconventional headshot compared to a corporate lawyer, reflecting the norms and expectations of their respective industries.


What kind of headshots are popular in 2024?

As we step into 2024, several new styles and themes are emerging in the world of professional headshots:

This year, there’s a lean towards natural, approachable styles. Photographers are moving away from overly airbrushed looks to embrace authenticity.

Neutral and muted backgrounds remain popular, as they don’t distract from the subject. However, we’re also seeing a rise in vibrant, dynamic backdrops that add a touch of personality without overpowering the shot.

The trend is leaning towards smart-casual attire that looks polished yet approachable. The key is to wear something that feels authentic to your personal style and profession, avoiding overly bold patterns that might distract.


Professional Headshot Examples for Men

Let’s explore some examples and tips specifically for men:

  • Traditional Corporate Headshots: As mentioned, these are characterized by formal business attire, with men often wearing classic suits and ties against a neutral backdrop.
  • Creative and Casual Styles: Ideal for more relaxed fields like tech or graphic design, featuring smart casual attire and a more laid-back pose, possibly incorporating elements that reflect personal interests or the work environment.
  • Industry-Specific Headshots: Tailored to specific fields. For instance, a headshot for a lawyer will typically be more formal, while one for a creative professional may be more unconventional.
  • Outdoor Business Casual: These headshots are taken outdoors, providing a natural backdrop. The attire is business casual, blending professionalism with a more approachable feel.
  • Black and White Portraits: These timeless headshots offer a different aesthetic, focusing on contrast, light, and shadow, perfect for creating a dramatic and sophisticated image.
  • Studio Headshots with Props: Involves the use of props related to the profession, such as a musical instrument for a musician or a camera for a photographer, shot in a studio setting.
  • Executive Portraits: Suited for high-level professionals, these headshots convey authority and are often taken in a corporate setting, like an office or boardroom.
  • Casual Work Environment Shots: Captures the individual in their natural work environment, dressed casually, ideal for startups or creative agencies where the atmosphere is less formal.
  • Monochromatic Style: Utilizes a monochrome color scheme in attire and background, creating a modern, sleek look that stands out.
  • Dynamic Action Shots: Especially for fields like fitness or sports, where action shots can capture the dynamism of the profession.

Regardless of the style, maintaining good posture is key. A natural, confident expression that matches the tone of your industry can make a huge difference. The goal is to appear approachable yet professional.


Professional Headshot Examples for Women

Women’s professional headshots in 2024 reflect a range of styles from classic to modern, tailored to various industries.

Classic Business Professional: Women in formal business attire, such as a tailored suit, with a sophisticated and commanding presence.

Creative Freelancer: More relaxed attire, possibly with artistic elements or accessories, suitable for creative professions.

Healthcare Professional: Featuring medical attire or lab coats for those in the healthcare sector, portraying competence and care.

Elegant Black and White: Timeless monochrome headshots that emphasize facial expressions and contours.

Modern Educator: Approachable yet professional look, fitting for women in education or academic roles.

Executive Presence: A headshot that conveys leadership and authority, ideal for women in senior management roles.

Startup Casual: Reflecting the informal yet ambitious spirit of startup culture, possibly in a co-working space setting.

Artistic Flair: Unique backgrounds or props that express artistic or creative professions.

Outdoor Professional: Combining professional attire with natural outdoor settings, perfect for roles that value environmental or outdoor elements.

Portrait with Personality: Incorporating personal style elements or hobbies to give a glimpse into the individual’s personality.

The key is to look polished but natural. Makeup should enhance features without being overpowering. Hairstyles should be neat and professional, and wardrobe choices should align with your industry, leaning towards classic pieces that won’t date your photo.


Headshots for Different Career Stages

The stage of your career can also influence the style of your headshot.

New Professionals/Graduates: For those just entering the workforce, a headshot that looks fresh and energetic yet professional is ideal. This could mean a more relaxed pose or attire, suggesting openness and eagerness to learn.

Mid-Career Professional Headshots: At this stage, a headshot should convey experience and confidence. This could be achieved with a more assertive pose and professional attire that demonstrates credibility in your field.

Executive-Level and Senior Professional Headshots: For senior professionals, headshots should exude leadership and authority. This might mean a more formal dress and a confident, composed posture that reflects experience and expertise.


How can I make sure to get the perfect professional headshots?

A great headshot starts well before the camera clicks.

Look for a photographer whose style aligns with your vision. Check their portfolio to ensure they have experience in creating the type of headshot you need.

Plan your outfit in advance and make sure it’s comfortable and fits well. Practice your poses and expressions in the mirror to find what feels most natural.

Your headshot should reflect your personal brand. Discuss with your photographer how to best convey your professional identity through your headshot. Whether it’s through your attire, the setting, or your pose, every element should contribute to telling your story.


Where should I use my professional headshot?

Once you’ve obtained your professional headshot, effectively using it across various platforms can significantly boost your professional image. Here’s where you should consider utilizing it:

  • Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, often the first contact point with potential employers, clients, or collaborators.
  • All professional profiles, including LinkedIn, company websites, and industry forums, to maintain consistent personal branding.
  • Modern digital resumes and CVs, especially in fields where personal branding is crucial.
  • Personal websites or portfolios, providing a personal touch to your skills and achievements.



A professional headshot is a powerful tool in your professional arsenal. In the world of digital networking and personal branding, it can set you apart, making a strong first impression that communicates professionalism and competence. 

As you explore the various styles and trends, remember to choose a headshot that truly represents you and aligns with your career aspirations. Staying ahead in professional imagery means not only keeping your headshot updated but also ensuring it reflects your evolving professional identity.


Where can I get my professional headshots taken?

If you’re looking to capture the perfect professional headshot that reflects your unique personality and professional stature, Sarah Anne Wilson Photography offers exceptional services tailored to your needs. Her skilled team understands the nuances of professional photography and works closely with you to create headshots that not only enhance your professional presence but also resonate with your personal brand. 

With Sarah, you can expect a blend of technical expertise and creative flair, ensuring your headshot stands out in today’s competitive professional landscape. Whether for LinkedIn, company profiles, or personal branding, their expertise in crafting the ideal headshot makes them a go-to choice.


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